Nothing Gets Done Without Leadership, and Nothing Stays Done Without Management!

Thank you visiting the Kingdom Leadership Conference website. It is my prayer that this conference will greatly impact your life and position you to become the leader you desire to be and that God wants you be.

Leaders are not born – they are made, which means leadership is a skillset. I personally believe that anyone can be trained and coached into being a highly effective leader. Thus, I’ve created this conference to empower new leaders AND those who are already serving in a leadership capacity to walk in their call or role, becoming more efficient and effective Kingdom-minded leaders who lead their ministry to the next level of Kingdom growth and impact.
Your ability to lead is the KEY to SUCCESS in your personal life, ministry, business, or any other area in which you have been called. Join us at the Kingdom Leadership Conference – I promise you – your life will never be the same!
Humbly in His Kingdom Service,
Dr. Dana Carson – Conference Host

Sunday, 2/25/18 @ 7pm – Dr. Dana Carson

Guest Speakers

Why Attend the Kingdom Leadership Conference?

Leadership is the critical factor that determines whether anything in life is either a success or a failure. Why? Because nothing gets done without leadership!
Every person is called to some form of leadership, and God desires for you to become a great leader in every area of your life. However, in order to lead in the 21st century, we must become Kingdom-minded leaders. Whether you’re a leader in your home, in your ministry, on your job, in your community, of even leading yourself, leaders must return their ministries, homes, even themselves, back to the Kingdom of God, apostolic order, global identity, and the manifestation of the authority of the believer over the power of Satan. Without a doubt, the Kingdom Leadership Conference will equip you to lead in every arena of your life!

If you’ve never been a leader…you will learn how to become a leader!
If you’re currently a leader…you will learn how to become a better and more effective leader as you receive instruction on best practices in Kingdom leadership!

The Kingdom Leadership Conference will help you become the great leader that you desire to be!

Kingdom Leadership Conference Workshops

10am-11am and 11:10am-12:10pm

Wednesday, 2/21/18

Leading in Your Ministry – Dr. Shannon Frazier
Managing Your Ministry – Elder Norman Campbell
Leading Your Home – Pastor Marq Curl
Managing Your Home – First Lady Marcie Curl

Thursday, 2/22/18

Understanding Five-fold Ministry – Pastor Andrew Taylor
Being a Five-fold Ministry Gift – Pastor Diedre Williams
Leading Your Health – Shiela Ford
Managing Your Health – Deaconess Danielle White

Friday, 2/23/18

Leading in Your Finances – Evangelist Samuel Johnson
Managing Your Finances – Derrick Love

Featured Workshops

Kingdom Leadership Conference 2018

Workshop Access and Priority Seating

$ 139


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On Saturday, February 23rd from 10am to 5pm, the doctors will be in for the Kingdom Leadership Symposium. This symposium is unlike any other and will give you the opportunity to learn about different trending topics within the world of leadership. Lunch is included. Topic discussions include:
What is Leadership? – Dr. Dana Carson
Leading in Business – Dr. Shannon Williams
Leadership and Management – Dr. Charles Moody
Women in Leadership – Dr. Gabriel St. Leger
Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – Dr. Angelic Chaison

Kingdom Leadership Symposium 2018

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  • Lunch is Included

Kingdom Leadership Symposium 2018

Student Price

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  • *Limited Seating Available | Lunch is Included

Position yourself to be the leader you want to be and the leader that God desires you to be by attending the Kingdom Leadership Conference and Symposium! Register TODAY!