The Kingdom Reformation Crusades are the 21st century KEY to RESCUING the Christian Church! These crusades REINTRODUCE the KINGDOM message of Jesus through the PROCLAMATIONEXPLANATION, and DEMONSTRATION of the Kingdom. Come learn and experience the Kingdom of God and watch God transform YOUR life so that you can TRANSFORM the world around you!

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We live in a climate that is increasingly becoming anti-Christian and atheistic. Unfortunately, if an atheist encounters a church-going Christian, very few can explain or defend their faith.

The church must make a necessary and radical shift and return to the preaching, teaching, and demonstration of the Kingdom of God – where Jesus Christ is Lord and King.

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    Why are Kingdom Reformation Crusades Needed?

    In America, over 8,000-10,000 churches are closing annually never to open their doors again. And while only 1,200-1,800 churches are opening every year, over 50% of these churches will close down within five years. Over 1,500 pastors are walking away from their ministries a month. Did you know that in the last 3 years, 98% of ALL Christian churches in America did not win one person to Jesus Christ?.

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    They tell us that the Christian church is DYING in America and if NOTHING is done about it, the church will eventually be EXTINCT! The Christian church is in need of ANOTHER reformation! Martin Luther led the Protestant Reformation by nailing his 95 Theses to the church at Wittenburg in Germany, and NOW Dr. Dana Carson has been commissioned by God to lead the church in a Kingdom Reformation that helps the church regain its relevance as she is repositioned for 21st century ministry!

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    How Will the Kingdom Reformation Crusade Benefit You?

    Experience the PROCLAMATION and EXPLANATION of the Kingdom – hear the message that Jesus, the disciples, and the Apostle Paul taught in the 1st century, that is NOT taught in the contemporary church. Experience the DEMONSTRATION of the Kingdom – see the miracle working power of God that will cause the lame to walk, the blind to see, and rescue souls from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God. Learn why the Christian church has become irrelevant and how God is going to reposition His church for 21st century ministry. 

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