Kingdom Bible University

The Kingdom Bible University (KBU) is a Kingdom-focused Bible institute that is preparing men and women for 21st century Kingdom ministry through sound biblical training. KBU has taken seminary-level courses, streamlined them, and made them relevant to church ministries. The program is aimed at preparing Kingdom leaders, potential leaders, or laypeople who desire to study the Word of God at a higher level. The Kingdom Bible University is non-denominational with a neo-Pentecostal/Spirit-filled evangelical theological foundation. KBU provides a holistic Bible training program that offers five specialized diploma/certificate-based programs that meet the learner’s particular needs. The educational model of KBU is consistent with what research results show is the best structure for an adult learning program: one course for a short-term period with weekly assessments. KBU offers eight-week long classes; however, we recommend no more than two classes per month. Thus, the KBU curriculum is designed to ensure that you succeed in your theological educational process, so that you can be who God has called you to be!

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